Review of Toca Life: Vacation

by Character Queen

Toca Life: Vacation is an awesome game!  We have it on our tablets.  There is a main screen that shows a hotel with 4 floors, a market with a statue and some shops, an airport with a plane, a beach with an island, and an island with a cave on it.  You can tap a location and go there.



Once you get in a location you can tap a sign on the bottom right corner with pictures of people on it, and see people that you can take out and play with. You can feed them, change their clothes, give them something to drink, move them around, and make them hold things.  

In the hotel there are floors 0, 1, 2, and 3. Floor 0 has a restaurant, shop, and combined check-in and lounge area, with an elevator, car, and luggage carrier.  You can go into the elevator and go to different floors of the hotel.  


On floor 1 there is a laundry machine, some cleaning supplies, and towels in the first room, and a desk with a computer and lamp on it and some books on a bookshelf in the second room. Then we get to the sleeping area.  There is a room with hooks for hats in it, and a bench. The next room is a bathroom with a toilet, shower, sink, bathrobe, towel, shower-cap, and tooth-brushing stuff.  The last room has a wardrobe, table, fridge, bowl of fruit, chair, bed, and what you see in this picture.  

Floor 2 has the rooms you see here.  The lights can turn on and off.

Floor 3 has a coatroom, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, and porch. 

In the airport, there is a gem that is very well hidden. (Hint: tap the  grates.)   You can tap something in the vending machine and it comes out the bottom.   

At the beach, you can make ice-cream and take the flowers out of the ground.  There is an island with a treasure chest.  

In the shop area, there are swimsuits and things, and there is another area with food and money. 

You can put things onto other things and they might combine.  For instance, you can put a scoop of ice cream on a cone and make an ice cream cone.

In the cave, there are clothes you can get and boxes to put them in.

Overall, I think Toca Life: Vacation is good for all ages, and it doesn’t cost money.  It is one of my favorite games.

4 thoughts on “Review of Toca Life: Vacation

    • It’s not really complex. All you really do is move the characters around, change their clothes, and, well, give them stuff to eat and drink. I’d be happy to show it to you when we’re with you again! -KM


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