The Silver Chair

by Character Queen The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis, is an awesome book.  It is the 6th book in the Chronicles of Narnia, which is an awesome series about the magical land of Narnia.  The series starts at the beginning of time (for Narnia) in the Magician's Nephew, and proceeds to the days of the White Witch in The Lion, … Continue reading The Silver Chair

Review of Angry Birds

by Mr. Bang I finally have gotten Angry Birds on my tablet!  I've played it other places, but I've never had my own.  I love having Angry Birds on my tablet!  There's so many levels to do and different places you can do them. There is a feather one where you are shooting little red … Continue reading Review of Angry Birds


by Character Queen This is a video I made for school.  Our writing curriculum also includes practicing public speaking.  That is the reason I decided to do this video.