Review of Kentucky Down Under

by Mr. Bang

We went to a zoo called Kentucky Down Under.  It was really fun!  There was a kangaroo petting area.  You actually got to go inside the exhibit and pet the kangaroos.  You cannot feed the baby ones, just the adults.  You cannot feed the baby ones because they aren’t ready for grain yet.  The kangaroos were really soft.  It was pretty easy to pet the kangaroos; all you had to do was go up to one and stroke it.  


There’s a cave underneath that is Mammoth Onyx.  It’s really fun.  There’s a particular time that you go through on a tour.  The tour was about half an hour.  We saw pretty cool formations.  There was a little pond at the bottom.  It was a pretty easy walk down and it was really cool inside.  We saw cave crickets, cave spiders, and salamanders.


There’s also a bird feeding area.  You pay $1 to feed the birds.  It is a little Dixie cup/ketchup cup with liquid that the birds like in it.  The birds come and sit on you if you have food.  It was terrifying!  It was just terrifying to me – the other kids loved it.  These were lorikeets.IMG_20170823_170345191IMG_20170823_170641364

The place was really big and spread out.  The kangaroos and lorikeets were out in a clearing.  


I think this would be good for all ages.  They have golf carts that you can rent if it’s farther than you want to walk.  I hope I can go there again some day!

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