The Eclipse of 2017

by Character Queen

We saw the eclipse!  It was awesome! We went to our aunt and uncle’s house in Kentucky to see the eclipse.  My friends Miss Crazy and Moon Shine were there.  We were in the path of totality, so we saw the moon completely cover the sun.


me hola hooping while looking at the sun; my grandmother was looking at the sun, too


Miss Crazy and I looking at the eclipse


 We saw shadow bands, which are snake-like shadows that you can see at Contact 2, which is the instant the moon covers the sun, and Contact 3, which is the instant the moon starts moving away from the sun.  To see shadow bands, it is helpful to have a white sheet on the ground, because they are really hard to see without the sheet.


us crossing our fingers to see the eclipse 

You have to wear solar viewing glasses to watch the eclipse; the only time you can take them off is during totality.  There was a 360 degree sunset at one point in the eclipse.  It was the best day ever!


solar viewing glasses 


6 thoughts on “The Eclipse of 2017

  1. What a neat idea to capture the shadow bands on the white blanket! Very cool! Looks like a fun time. we miss y’all! Thanks for keeping us posted on here.


  2. Wasn’t the eclipse neat?? I remember watching an eclipse when I was a little younger than you, at the end of my third grade year. We made pin hole cameras at school, then I used my pin hole camera to watch the eclipse at home. We didn’t have the awesome glasses then so we didn’t get to look at the actual sun at all. I know now that it was an “annular” eclipse, but I didn’t know that word then. (If you want to learn some fun astronomy stuff, look this word up!) I just thought it was *really cool*!


    • It WAS really neat! We made a pinhole projector, too, with a cereal box. But we used the solar glasses more than we used the cereal box pinhole projector. We learned about annular eclipses in our Junior Ranger books, because there’s a special Junior Ranger book for the eclipse. We did that and got the badges. -KM 🙂


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