Our Summer Mixtape

We have had an absolutely wonderful summer!  We took a break from traveling in the RV so we could spend some time at home reconnecting with our friends and church family.  The kids also participated in some camps and joined a swim team, plus we made a couple short trips to visit grandparents.  Our goal this summer wasn’t to take field trips, as we do when we’re traveling the country, but we got a few in anyway.  We’ve pretty much been going non-stop, and have been very quiet on the blog, so here’s a quick look at our summer!


Swim Team


Mother’s Helper


CQ also kept herself busy this summer as a working woman!  She served as a Mother’s Helper to a couple of families in our church.  She loved taking care of the kids, and got to earn a little money in the process!


Field Trips

Chickamauga Battlefield/ Pointe Park

Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Tennessee Aquarium

Jefferson Davis State Historic Site

So, we went to the birthplace of the only President of the Confederate States of America.  I’m almost hesitant to even include this because of current tensions in our country.  We certainly didn’t go there to glorify Davis or what the confederacy fought for.  And honestly, we didn’t even use this field trip for much of a history lesson – the museum was tiny and cost $5/person, and I didn’t think it was worth it.  We were in the area looking for a way to spend an afternoon, so we took advantage of the gorgeous view of Kentucky farmlands and the adjacent playground, and made one more connection to our recent study of the Civil War.  I do, however, try to help my children understand that the Civil War was a very complex time, and it wasn’t a clear-cut issue of good guys vs. bad guys.  There were plenty fighting for the confederacy who were against slavery.  There were MANY fighting for the union who did not view people of different races as being equal, even if they were opposed to slavery itself.  There is so much more that could be written on this topic, and it seems like everyone else on the internet is writing it right now, so I’m going to go back to posting photos!

Creative Discovery Museum

Chattanooga Zoo


Coolidge Park

The Passage

These water steps are right by the Tennessee Aquarium.  It’s actually a flowing monument marking the beginning of the Trail of Tears, where the Cherokee tribes were forced to leave their homes and begin the horrendous journey out west.

Russell Cave National Monument

This cave experience isn’t about exploring inside the cave itself, but about learning who lived in the cave over a period of nearly 12,000 years.  We learned about different people groups who lived there, how they made use of the cave, and how their weapons and tools changed over time.  The kids even got to use a hand drill to make holes in a piece of wood, as some of the occupants did.  It’s always amazing to me to see the ingenious creations of people who lived so long ago!

Challenger Center


We went to a homeschool class called “Gummy Bears to Eclipse Stares.”  In addition to learning about the eclipse, they learned about the phases of the moon and qualities of light, and made solar cars!

RV Park

We invited friends over to our RV park a lot over the summer!


As you can see in these pictures, whatever we were doing this summer, it pretty much always was just another opportunity to spend time with our friends we don’t get to see very often as we travel this great country of ours!  Here are a few extra photos of some of the people we’ve enjoyed getting to catch up with over the last couple of months!



3 thoughts on “Our Summer Mixtape

  1. Your friends are sad that you are gone! Have a wonderful 1.5 (no more!) years and hurry back to us!!! We love you and miss you already.


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