Review of Kentucky Down Under

by Mr. Bang We went to a zoo called Kentucky Down Under.  It was really fun!  There was a kangaroo petting area.  You actually got to go inside the exhibit and pet the kangaroos.  You cannot feed the baby ones, just the adults.  You cannot feed the baby ones because they aren't ready for grain … Continue reading Review of Kentucky Down Under

The Eclipse of 2017

by Character Queen We saw the eclipse!  It was awesome! We went to our aunt and uncle's house in Kentucky to see the eclipse.  My friends Miss Crazy and Moon Shine were there.  We were in the path of totality, so we saw the moon completely cover the sun.    We saw shadow bands, which … Continue reading The Eclipse of 2017

The Interesting Adventure In Chickamauga National Military Park

by Character Queen A few weeks ago we went to Chickamauga National Military Park, with our friends Ballerina and Mr. Adventure.  When we were almost there, Mr. Adventure said he was bleeding and asked for tissues.  Luckily we had some and he used the whole box!  When we got there we found out that Mr. Adventure … Continue reading The Interesting Adventure In Chickamauga National Military Park