Review of Horseshoe Lakes RV Resort

by Mr. Bang

For the past two weeks, we’ve been at Horseshoe Lakes RV Resort.  There’s lots of trees.  It has lots of grass.  It is very spacious, not crowded or cramped.  Most of the people here are full-time staying here.


There are many things that I like about this park.  It has trees.  It has lakes.  It has grass.  The playset is easy to go to and so is the mini-golf.  The activity center is in easy access of the playset.  There is a pool that is in easy access and there is no lock on the gate in getting into it.  There’s no hot tub, though.   There is horseshoe toss and shuffleboard.  There’s a tennis court and a basketball court.  There’s also one volleyball net.

There are some things I don’t like about this place.  The minigolf area does not have clubs or golf balls.  The horseshoe area doesn’t have horseshoes.  The shuffleboard area doesn’t have what you need for that game.  Basketball does not have a ball to play it with.  The tennis nets are gone and there is nothing to play it with.  They might be somewhere else, although we just don’t know.

The wildlife is amazing.  There are turtles.  I have seen some big fish.  We’ve seen lots of people fishing.  I even saw a guy catch a pretty big fish.  He’s our next door neighbor.  I saw a snake moving through the water one day when I was sitting by the lake.  It was orange and gray.  The chipmunks are very cute.  They run around and around and around.  The mosquitos are very, very bothersome.  They bite and bite and bite and bite.  I got one bite.  Of course, I was wearing insect repellant some of the time.  The flies are very [times nine] bothersome and shiny and fun to plop mud on.


I love this campground!  I want to come back here.  It is beautiful!


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