Review of Toca Blocks

by Mr. Bang

One of my favorite games to play on my tablet is Toca Blocks.  What is Toca Blocks?  What do you do with it?  How does it work?  Questions that you might have in wanting to know what Toca is like.  If you’re not sure if you’ll like it, just ask someone who has played it for awhile. It is one of my favorite games to play on my tablet.

Toca Blocks is a game with three characters:  Bear, Birdie, and Cat.  You can do lots of things.  Your characters can move – they don’t just stay in one place like some.  You can lead them anywhere you want to.  They can not go through blocks.  But Bear’s power (they all have a power) is that he can climb blocks.  He can climb anything but bouncy block.  They all can’t climb bouncy block.  None of the others can climb, only Bear.  Birdie can jump super high.  Cat can punch through anything, except portal and bouncy block.

You play by using your characters to move around and you can build stuff with different blocks.  Magic block is a sparkly block, one of five you get at first when you move into a new world.  You build a world, and that world may be fun.  Dance block makes the characters dance if they’re on top of it.  It makes music.  There is sticky block.  It makes characters stay in one place.  They can’t get out of it unless they jump.  When they jump, they can go high.  Another kind of block is portal – it can let you go through things.  It’s very, very cool to have.

If you imagine, then you can do anything in Toca that you want to.  You can make them be stuck in portal all day.  Wouldn’t that be not fun!  If you get them trapped in one portal block, you can use the pencil to color over it.  What is the pencil?  It’s a tool that you can use to make other blocks disappear and make the block that you’re having on the pencil be used.

You can combine different blocks to make other blocks.  You can combine portal and sticky block – it will make you a toilet.  If you combine yellow with pink or dance, then it will make a really cool block.  It’s a diddle block.  Diddle blocks don’t do anything special.  You can do brick plus portal to make fence.  Water plus portal makes tea kettle.  Sticky block plus water make fish.

I give Toca Blocks a five-star rating.  I think kids who like building and then destroying, or just building, would really like it.




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