Review of Horseshoe Lakes RV Resort

by Mr. Bang For the past two weeks, we've been at Horseshoe Lakes RV Resort.  There's lots of trees.  It has lots of grass.  It is very spacious, not crowded or cramped.  Most of the people here are full-time staying here. There are many things that I like about this park.  It has trees.  It … Continue reading Review of Horseshoe Lakes RV Resort

Review of Toca Blocks

by Mr. Bang One of my favorite games to play on my tablet is Toca Blocks.  What is Toca Blocks?  What do you do with it?  How does it work?  Questions that you might have in wanting to know what Toca is like.  If you're not sure if you'll like it, just ask someone who … Continue reading Review of Toca Blocks