Travel Days

by Mr. Bang

There are a lot of things to be done on a travel day.  I clean my room and get everything off the floor.  The reason it’s important for things to be off the floor is because the slides come in.  I latch the cabinets so that the slides won’t crush them if they open.  We use paper bowls on travel days.  The reason we do that is so we don’t have to wash dishes.  We also gather things to take in the truck.  I gather my tablet and school work.  Once we have everything ready, we play on the playground or run outside.

In the car, I do my school and then play on my tablet or look outside.  I frequently do reading, creative writing, phonics, spelling, read aloud, history, and math as we drive.  I do some of that each day.  On my tablet, I play TocaBlocks, ChessKids, Bugaboo, and Monkey Multiplication.  I earn time on TocaBlocks by reading or playing math games.

We usually listen to audiobooks.  

Trips are usually 5 or 6 hours.  Today’s drive is 7.5 hours.  I prefer shorter ones because it is less of a drive and more time to stretch my legs afterwards.

When we arrive, we hook up water and electricity.  Then we pull the slides out.  I’m playing while Mom and Dad do those things.  We take things back out of the truck and set up our room back to normal.  It’s frequently time for bed at that point so we get dressed and go to bed.

I love travel days because you get to see different scenery. 

2 thoughts on “Travel Days

  1. You have to get a lot done for travel days! That’s good use of time to do your school work and activities while you are traveling. Good job!


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