Yellowstone, Day 3: Upper Geyser Basin

We had a slow start to Saturday after such an exhausting Friday.  We slept in, caught up on laundry, and tried to fix a broken frig.

Around two, we headed into the park.  When we went to Old Faithful on Thursday, we stopped at nearly every stop along the way, then when we got to Old Faithful, we pretty much just saw the eruption and left.  This time we drove straight to Old Faithful and took time to walk around the Upper Geyser Basin and explore the museum.


We checked out the Little Scientists backpack at the ranger desk. Here, MB was testing temps at Anemone Geyser.



A ranger told us he was excitedly awaiting Beehive Geyser to erupt within the next five hours. It’s unusual in that it has an indicator valve that starts blasting up water about 15 minutes before eruption.


Lion Geyser erupted as we were watching Beehive. Apparently if you’re close enough, you can hear it “roar” before it erupts.


Apparently this one isn’t so hot anymore!


I thought it was cool to see the flowers growing right on the edge of some small hot springs.



Heart Spring


CQ testing temps at Spasmodic Geyser



The bison have one of the most beautiful views in our country, and don’t seem to care in the least!


Crested Pool



Castle Geyser


Beehive erupted as we were walking back to the visitor’s center.


learning how the geysers work


Apparently living in the geyser area has some negative impacts on the wildlife!


On our way out of the park, we took one little waterfall detour.



All of this is lava rock.


This is part of a Yellowstone series.  You can view the other days here:

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2 thoughts on “Yellowstone, Day 3: Upper Geyser Basin

  1. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the descriptions. I got a kick out of seeing how you were dressed, too. That’s how we had to dress at night, but we were able to get rid of the coats during the day.
    We were there in early July. It got down into the 30’s at night, but warmed up during the day. Did you look inside Old Faithful Lodge? It’s amazing inside.


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