A Week on the Road – Saturday

We don’t always get to sleep in on Saturdays, but today we did.  And it was lovely!  The kids didn’t sleep in, but they enjoyed getting up and playing on their own with no directions from the parental units!

The Brain helped the kids bake some cinnamon rolls, which they were super excited about.


We don’t watch much tv in our family, so Saturday and Sunday mornings are exciting to our kids – they get to watch an episode or two!  Today they turned on Jelly Telly to watch an episode of their new favorite show, “Friends and Heroes,” a cartoon set in the Roman Empire around 70AD.


(That’s the reflection of the tv on the cabinet.)

Next, we had a little schoolwork to do.  The other day, when we had the opportunity to go on the ATV tour, the deal was that if we did both the sand dune and ATV tour, we would have some schoolwork to finish up this weekend.  Both kids had agreed, so now we sat down to do a little work.

MB Creative Writing – He had two different assignments, based on the same thing.  First, he had to look a drawing and brainstorm what was taking place.  Then he had to actually write out the story.  He really hates writing, but is great at coming up with imaginative stories.  The way I typically handle that at this point is I tell him I will write out one thing for him, and he will write out the other – either brainstorm or story.  Of course, he always wants to write out the brainstorm because there’s less to it!  This time, however, he was having a very difficult time with the assignment.  The final story he came up with was much, much shorter and less detailed than normal.  We talked through how this is not his best work, and is an adequate completion of the assignment, not a good or great completion.  But on this day, at this time, it was the best he was going to be able to do, so I left it at that.  (The full time he spent on this was about 1.5 hours, with lots of frustration on his part.)

CQ Blog – She wrote the first paragraph of a blog about our ATV tour, but then got stuck on what else to say.  I shared my post about it with her, to see if that inspired her.  I guess she decided I had covered everything, because she switched topics.  When she had written her Abe Lincoln letter recently, she had said she wanted to post it on the blog.  Now she remembered that, got out her notebook, and typed her letter to share with you.

CQ Math – She watched a video for a new lesson, on dividing a three-digit number by a one-digit number, and started a workbook page.

At this point, MB had completed all his work for the week, so we hopped in the truck and drove to Costco.  CQ took her math workbook and continued her work there.  She still had two spelling lessons left for the week, which would get done on Sunday afternoon.


This is how we do Costco: twirling, and running so fast you lose a shoe.

After Costco, we went home for a little bit.  One night each week, we have a family meeting.  We typically have it on Mondays.  The last few weeks it’s been on Wednesday, and this week, it hadn’t happened at all yet!  At our family meeting, we bring up any issues, concerns, whatever someone wants to bring up.  We also talk through the upcoming week and any other schedule-related topics.  We also make this a great time for the kids to bring up any questions they have about God, the Bible, Christianity, etc.  They can ask those questions anytime, but we also like having a specific time when the family is all sitting together for that purpose.  We recently have started going through a book together, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build A Lasting Faith by Natasha Crain.  This book contains 40 questions about God, worldviews, Jesus, the Bible, and science.  What we’re doing is focusing on one question at a time, and giving the kids opportunity during the week to research that question.  We’re guiding them in how to research, and to look for answers to each question from a variety of worldviews.  Then at our family meeting, we discuss what they learned and The Brain shares more info about the topic.

This week, the kids hadn’t researched yet, so they spent a little time doing that before starting our family meeting.

In this week’s meeting, we had one family topic to discuss – the kids’ bathroom hasn’t been getting cleaned regularly!  I had brought the topic up to them earlier in the week and told them to be brainstorming solutions to that problem.  At our meeting, I asked what they had come up with.  They each shared ideas, and after a discussion, we came up with a plan:  they’ll clean the bathroom every Friday morning, alternating each week who is responsible.

We then discussed our schedule for the coming week and our next few locations.

Then we were ready for our worldview discussion.  Our first question is “What evidence is there for God’s existence?”  Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed that question by itself, and then two arguments for His existence, the Cosmological Argument and the Design Argument.  Today we focused on the Moral Argument.  In addition to our discussions, I’ve shown videos that help explain each, which I’ve linked to in this paragraph.

After family meeting, it was time to head out again.  We went to dinner at a Mexican place, then as a special reward for MB, we went to a frozen yogurt place.  Back when we lived in a house, each time they got a hundred on a spelling test, they got a paper ice cream scoop on their paper ice cream cone on the wall in our school room.  When someone got to ten scoops, we made a visit to our favorite frozen yogurt spot. (I totally stole this from my own third grade teacher!  It was SO fun when she took us to Dairy Queen after school for our ice cream rewards!)  Both kids got yogurt, but the child who made the achievement got three toppings instead of just the normal two.  MB recently has pointed out to me that he has gotten 14 100s in a row, and hasn’t gotten a frozen yogurt visit, so tonight was his night!

We had one more stop to make before heading home – a regular grocery store.  We then headed home, ready for the week – at least in terms of food!

Once home, it was time for bedtime routines and sweet goodnight hugs and kisses.

(Laundry count of the day – one load.  We don’t like leaving it running when we’re not home, and we were in and out most of the day.)

Thanks for coming and spending a week with us in our RV!  As I said in the beginning, no other week is going to look exactly like this one, but you’ve gotten a feel for our schoolwork, field trips, meals, chores, and moving.  We’ve enjoyed having you come alongside us – and if you ever want to come in person, we’d love to have you!  Pretty much every RV park we stay in has cabin rentals as well, so you wouldn’t even have to have an RV to visit!

So, after all this, what questions do you still have about roadschooling?



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