A Week On the Road – Friday

Today is…Moving Day!  We’ve been in Thompson Springs, Utah for two weeks now, and it’s time to move north.  We frequently travel on Saturdays, but sometimes we move on Friday after school/work so we have Saturday free in our new town.  This is one of those days.  So today, I’m going to share with you what is involved in changing locations when you’re traveling in an RV!

First thing this morning, The Brain went out to check the pressure in all of our tires – truck and RV.  He likes to do that before the sun starts heating things up.  He usually has to adjust the pressure, but he actually didn’t have to today, so it was fairly quick and easy for him.

Then, after morning responsibilities, it was time for normal work and school activities, for the most part.  In Bible study, we read 1 Chronicles 14.  The Philistines attacked the Israelites twice, and both times King David inquired of the Lord as to whether he should lead his army against them.  Both times God said yes, and the Israelites defeated the Philistines.

CQ Math/ MB Copywork – They worked on these independently while I got some laundry going, both in the RV and at the office.

History – We learned about the development of the postal system throughout the 1800s.


I then left them inside to keep working on math and copywork, and I went out to dump tanks.  That’s one of the not-as-pleasant parts of RVing, but it’s really not too bad.  It’s not like you get messy in the process – at least I never have!  We dump tanks once or twice a week typically, and always do so before traveling.  The RV has a monitor to let you know when each tank is full, but it doesn’t work.

We have two sets of tanks – one in front for our bathroom and the washer, and one in back for the kitchen sink and kids’ bathroom.  In each set, there’s a black tank and a gray tank.  The gray is for sink water, and we leave it open to empty out all the time.  The black is for toilet water.  To dump the black tanks, we close the gray tanks and open black.  It starts pouring through the septic hoses into the septic tank in the ground.  After letting it run out, we flush the black tank.  To do that, we just turn on the water hose, which is set up to flush it out.  We basically just leave that running for 15 minutes or so.  When we’re done emptying the black tank, we just close it up and open the gray again.  That’s basically all there is to emptying the tanks – see, not so bad!


the hoses

The final step of emptying tanks is coming back inside and putting a mix of water, water softener, and dish detergent in each black tank.


MB Creative Writing – I gave MB a lesson on different ways of making words plural, and then he wrote out the plural forms of several words.

CQ Spelling – It didn’t actually happen.  She got it out and was ready to go, but I had so many balls in the air, I didn’t manage to sit down with her and do it!

MB Copywork – He finished up his last copywork of the week.  He really hates copywork, so he frequently waits as long as possible to do it!

The Brain normally works until around 3:00 Mountain time (5:00 Eastern time), but today it worked for him to take off for the day around noon. He ran to the nearby gas station to fill up the truck because it’s much easier to do without the RV attached.

I like to use moving days to do a thorough house cleaning, so I got to work on that.  The kids normally get their room ready for traveling, and then run out to have a little more time with their friends before we leave.  This has been a rare park where we don’t have any friends, so MB worked away at his copywork, and CQ eagerly helped me with cleaning and then she made lunch.  (It was her first time cooking on the stove with no supervision at all!)

Our frig/freezer isn’t connected to power as we travel, so we normally put a bag of ice in there just before leaving to help keep everything cold.  The Brain realized he had forgotten to buy ice at the gas station, so he ran back out to the gas station for that.

As we got each room cleaned up and travel-ready, we moved slides in.  To do that, we just hold down a little button, and it comes in.


Our control panel.  The button to operate the slides is the bright white one.  The horizontal rectangle to the right of it is what is supposed to tell us how full our tanks are.

Once we had the inside of the RV travel-ready with slides in, it was time to hitch up the RV to the truck and get the outside of the RV ready to travel.

At 2:30, we said good-bye to Thompson Springs!

On travel days, The Brain always drives.  Depending on the day, I lesson plan, field trip plan, read, scrapbook, do schoolwork with the kids, or sleep!  Today, I mainly worked on these blog posts – writing today’s and sorting through photos for yesterday’s.  Sorting through photos is what takes me the longest – I have a very hard time narrowing 400 photos down to a small number to fit in a blog post!

The kids spent most of their time on their tablets – a mix of reading and playing various games.

We pretty much always listen to an audio book as we’re driving.  Usually it’s a children’s story.  This time, at the kids’ request, we finished listening to a book we had started previously:  “Eight Great Smarts” by Dr. Kathy Koch.  The Brain and I absolutely love her, and attend as many of her sessions as possible at the homeschool conference we go to each year.  The kids really loved listening and identifying themselves with her descriptions of different ways of being smart.

We drove along what is apparently named as America’s deadliest drive – and didn’t die!  We just enjoyed the gorgeous views instead.

Normally as we’re traveling, meals come from truck stops.  We keep saying we’re going to prepare something ahead of time to eat, but we never do.  Tonight, however, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel.  We haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel for months – it was good!



This is how you park a giant RV at Cracker Barrel – you spread across the RV spaces!

At 8:20, we said hello to Salt Lake City!


We checked in and got settled into our spot.  The most tedious part is getting the RV in exactly the right spot.  We have to position ourselves in relation to the hook-ups for water, electric, and sewer, as well as making sure we’re not going to hit the neighbor’s car with our slides, or stick out into the road.  Then we have to get the RV level side-to-side.  The driver’s side was lower, so we had to lift it up with big rubber mats.

Other steps of setting up:

*Put chocks by the tires so we don’t roll!

*Lower front and back stabilizers to help prevent movement while we’re inside.

*Detach the RV from the truck.

*Level it front to back.

*Plug in electric.  (This is where we realized that we were too far back and the electric cord didn’t reach.  We had to undo everything, reattach the truck, move forward two feet, and redo everything.  The joys of RVing.)

*Push slides out.

At this point, it was 9pm, and we were at a point that the kids could go in and get ready for bed.  I went in with them to help that process along, and worked on resetting the inside after traveling.  The Brain spent a while longer setting up water and connecting the septic hoses.  Then he went out to refill our propane tanks.  Finally at around 10, we were done settling in!

(Laundry count: 1 load at home, 2 in the office.  One load was all of our dirty towels at once – that’s normally 2-3 loads in our RV!)



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3 thoughts on “A Week On the Road – Friday

  1. aaaaw – I liked seeing Roomba! He’s like a special friend along for the ride. (My Roomba is my pet; I like to sit and watch him clean.)
    That’s a lot of stuff to do every time you move!
    How long will you be in the Salt Lake City area? Are you going to one of the noon organ concerts or to a Thursday night choir rehearsal? Our timing is off by two days to hear the choir rehearsal. We’re in Seattle on Thursday night. We have a 6-hour drive to get to Salt Lake City, so we won’t get there in time for the noon concert. Two more things on my list YOU guys can experience FOR me!!! Our hotel is out by the Great Salt Lake, so we’re planning to do a few hours downtown, then go to the Salt Lake after we check in. I will be eager to see what all you discover!


    • Yes, we did make it to an organ concert. The kids both thought it was amazing, and were sharing their memories of their behind-the-organ tour in C-ville. The choir has been recording a new CD this week, which means they didn’t do their regular Thursday evening rehearsal. I need to pull up a video to show the kids.
      The downtown things I would recommend to you would be Temple Square and the Capitol, which is half a mile from the Square.


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