A Week on the Road – Thursday

Whew, I’m sitting here on Thursday evening at 9:23, starting this blog post, and I am TIRED!  It’s been quite a day!  We just now got the kids in bed a few minutes ago.  My amazing husband is washing all of today’s dishes – he’s also exhausted.  In his case, it’s because he was up working until 2am last night.  And yet, he’s standing there making sure all the dishes get cleaned before he crashes, because that’s just the awesome kind of guy he is.

We started this morning with normal schoolwork, here in the RV.  In Bible study, we read 1 Chronicles 12-13. The key verse was 13:3, “let us bring back the ark of our God to us, for we did not seek it in the days of Saul.”  The new king David was trying to refocus the Israelites on the Lord.

MB Math – He finished his final three pages for the week.

CQ Explode the Code – She did both of her Code sessions for the week.  Each session is 15 minutes.

(While they were doing those independent works, I was in the office doing laundry – more details on that below.)

History/ CQ Copywork/ MB Math – Our history reading was about government reformations around the turn of the century to give people more control over the government.  As I read, CQ worked on her copywork and MB continued his math.  Or at least played with coins he had needed for one bar graph.  I had to point out that five works must be completed before lunch to participate in our afternoon fieldtrip.  He whined and complained, and I kept reading.

MB Reader/ Poetry – When I needed to work on laundry again, MB read outloud to CQ, then she read our weekly poetry readings out loud.



After lunch, we filled water bottles, slathered on sunblock, and headed out to fulfill a desire the kids have had since we first arrived here in the Moab area.  Right across the street from the entrance to Arches National Park is this huge — and I seriously mean crazy-huge – sand dune that they’ve been DYING to climb up.  Today was the day.

Character Queen made it all the way up and down twice; Mr. Bang and I were content with once!  It was quite a workout!

When everyone was exhausted, we went across the street to the Arches visitor center.  CQ had completed her Junior Ranger book, but not turned it in to receive her badge yet.  We also hadn’t watched the park movie yet, and we pretty much always love those.   The movie this time was explaining the formation of the arches (and the rest of the land there) and the importance of water within the park.  It was really good!  We actually watched part of it when we first arrived, then most of it again before we left because we liked it so much.  While CQ talked through her work with a ranger, MB enjoyed a display about jobs within national parks.

We got home around 4:30, and just hadn’t had enough adventure in our day yet…so we went off-roading!  The kids had loved The Brain’s description of his outing yesterday, and he thought they would really love to experience it themselves, so into the ATV we climbed!  Our RV park offers ATV tours, so we didn’t even have to drive anywhere to start our tour.

On our tour, we made four stops where we got out and hiked a bit.

Stop One:  Artsy Arch

Okay, I totally just made up that name because I am just that tired!  This arch is located very near the Native American rock art we had visited a few days ago.  It’s cool because it’s a sideways arch – the curved opening is between the stone and the cliff, so to the right of the arch instead of under it.

Stop Two:   1880’s Dwellings

A few miles beyond the petroglyphs/pictographs, we stopped to visit ruins of some homes left behind from the late 1880s.  There was a big brick oven out on its own and two houses made of stone, but also kind of built as dug-outs, with the ground as the roof.  A third house seems to have been built later, after the nearby railroad.  It was built of railroad ties.

Stop Three:  Doug’s Point

We left the roads behind (“where we’re going, we don’t need roads”), and drove up to the point of a mesa overlooking our RV park, as well as pretty much everything else within a 60-mile span.  This is one of those where photos can’t come close to showing you how amazing it was – just trust me on this one!

Stop Four:  Dinosaur Tracks

Just a little farther from the Point, our guide took us to see two large dinosaur tracks.  They are slightly different sizes and shapes, so they seem to be from two different dinosaurs.  He also showed us these neat round objects which he presumes to be dinosaur eggs.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but they definitely don’t seem like normal rocks.  There had been some others, but they’ve unfortunately been stolen.  One has been broken, apparently from someone trying to break it loose to steal it.

Stop Five:  Native American Ladder

We stopped again, not far from the cliff paintings, to see a Native American “ladder.”  It turned out that you really have to do some climbing to get up to it, so CQ and The Brain climbed on up, while MB and I waited halfway.  They said that you can clearly see the marks where Native Americans carved into the canyon to make hand and foot holds so they could climb up to the top of the mesa.  CQ described it as being the inverse of the hand and foot holds at the climbing wall places she likes to go.  There’s also a lot of space between them – you would have to shimmy up the canyon walls a bit, then use those to help get you the next bit up.


That crack in the middle is where we headed.



Native American Wall 2 is facing us here.


We arrived back home around 7:30, filthy and hungry!!  And we had nothing quick to prepare for dinner!  We went ahead and started showers while The Brain drove to the nearby gas station to see if they had anything we could make a dinner out of.  (The nearest restaurant is 30 minutes or more away.)  Thankfully he was able to buy some frozen pizza that they even cooked for us there.

As we ate our pizza, we made the kids extra happy by letting them watch two more episodes of “Wonderful World of Science with Dr. Schniffenhousen.”  Seriously, we didn’t do a “dinner and a movie” night a single time in April, and now it’s May and we did it two nights in a row!  You just never know what’s going to happen around here.  The two episodes we watched tonight were about water and spiders.  And they were just as good as the first two!

Then the kids happily climbed into bed, and Chris and I picked up where this post started!  (Time check: 10:01.  I’m writing the words now, photos will come tomorrow.)

(Laundry count – three loads.  This is the only RV park I’ve been in so far that doesn’t have a laundry facility with coin-operated – or card-operated – machines.  However, I finally learned that there is one washer and dryer available for free in the office!  So I washed one load of clothes at home, and two loads of bedding in the office.  Our washer/dryer is so small, those two loads of bedding would have filled four loads, and our comforter wouldn’t have fit at all.)

Bonus tip:  This popcorn bowl is awesome!  Just put 3/4 cup of popcorn kernels in it, turn on the microwave for three minutes or so, and it’s ready!  Plus, the bowl doesn’t take up much space, and it can be used for lots of other serving purposes.  We made use of it tonight after the kids were in bed!  🙂


This is part of a week-long series.  You can view the other days here:

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4 thoughts on “A Week on the Road – Thursday

  1. Day after day the pictures of rock formations are amazing. The sand dune looked fun. I have seen a giant sand dune in one of the western states while I was on a performance tour, but I don’t remember which state. We saw a giant sand dune in Michigan on our bike trip one summer.

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