A Week On the Road – Tuesday


We had an exceptionally early start today – we got up around 4am to do some star gazing and see the Milky Way arching over our RV.  It was beautiful!  And cold.  And I was half-asleep.  So we went back to bed.

After finishing our sleep, we woke up at a regular time (7:30-ish) and tackled all the morning responsibilities.  This time, the kids did take care of dishes and did get their gum!

In our Bible study, we read 1 Chronicles 11, where the new king David is building up his army.  This morning, I ran across an article from Biblical Archaeology about how they think they’ve discovered King David’s palace and the Millo, so we looked at those photographs as we read.

Read Aloud/Copywork – While I read more of “Caddie Woodward,” the kids worked on copywork.  CQ worked on a cursive page and MB worked on a print page.  After they complete each page, they bring it to me.  We talk through what letters/words are written well, and which could be written more neatly.  They go back and rewrite some of their work.  Sometimes it takes a third try, but usually they take care of corrections in their second try.

MB Blog – He had selected about 80 photos yesterday for his blog post.  We spent some time narrowing those down to about 20, then started writing.  Typically, he “writes” his blog posts out loud, and I prompt him along the way – as I’m typing what he says – to add details and such.  Today, after we made it through the first paragraph, he excitedly asked to type the rest.  It was much slower than normal, and he didn’t give anywhere near as much information, but he was very proud of himself for typing it!

CQ Creative Writing – Today she was learning about writing formal letters.  Her assignment was to write a formal letter to President Abraham Lincoln.  Last night she had come up with a new storyline for a book she wants to write (our RV as a time machine), so she wrote her letter within that storyline.

CQ Spelling – She doesn’t have a list of words to study and test over each week.  Instead she has a different list of 25 words each day that build on each other.  I say the word, she writes it.  If she misspells it, I write it on a dry erase board and she corrects hers.  With that technique, she learns the patterns and gets them correct with subsequent words.

MB Explode the Code


CQ Reader – She read more of “Sing Down the Moon.”

Science – To learn about our sense of taste, we did a science experiment where we tasted sugar water and lemon juice.  Then we kept stirring in a little bit of sugar into the lemon juice until it had a pleasant taste.  Afterward, we learned about taste buds (did you know they die and are replaced every two weeks?!).

MB Spelling – We went outside and tossed a beach ball back and forth while spelling his words.  The tricky part was that the wind kept carrying the ball off away from us, so we did as much running after the ball – and laughing – as anything!

CQ Grammar – She did her two Student Activity Sheets on pronouns, finishing her grammar work for the week.

History/Geography – We first placed stickers for Arches and Canyonlands on our National Park map.  Then we learned about people working to make America a better place.

Read Aloud – We finished “Caddie Woodlawn” – such a great book!

MB Spelling – He had accidentally marked off the wrong thing on the chart, so now he needed to go back and do the one he had mistakenly marked – writing the words with his left hand.

Work chart at the end of the day.


They didn’t finish schoolwork today until about 4:30.  Both kids were eager to get out and play in the wind again.  While MB finished his spelling, CQ and I went out and tossed the beach ball around, i.e. ran around the RV park chasing it.  Then MB joined us and we threw his frisbee to each other while The Brain grilled up some delicious steaks and veggies for dinner.

Okay, that sounds really sweet and cooperative, but since this little series is to show the realities of roadschooling, let me add a few more details.  Mr. Bang was incredibly unhappy about having to do a second spelling work in one day.  This is our normal policy (if you accidentally mark a work off, you have to do that work next because it’s already marked off), so it’s not like this was something new.  But he decided to throw a big fit about it.  He climbed in his bed and refused to do his work.  I just told him I was heading out with CQ to play ball, and we’d love for him to join us when he finished his spelling.  As we walked out the door, CQ said to me, “That sounded just like Kirk Martin!  That sounds like something he would say!,” which is definitely a compliment – she loves Kirk and Casey Martin!  (Kirk Martin is a really great parenting expert guy.  His son Casey has a CD set up as advice from one kid to another, that CQ has listened to at least 50 times at this point – and been equipped to handle lots of situation by enacting his advice!)  About ten minutes later, out comes MB – work done, ready to play!


After dinner, we decided to go take a better look at some Native American rock art four miles down the street.  We had driven to see it one evening last week, but wanted to go back and actually walk around to see it in detail.

It was amazing!  Within a small area, there are several cliff faces with both pictographs and petroglyphs, from different periods.  (Pictographs are painted, petroglyphs are carved.)  It’s so fascinating, I’m going to post several photos of the art and the informational signs about them.  (Unfortunately, some very inconsiderate people put their own graffiti over the ancient art, so you will see some modern things mixed in.)

To make things clearer, I’m labeling the different cliff faces.



Wall A


left side of Wall A – very light white art


right side of Wall A



Walls B and C


Walls B and C


Wall B. It’s easy to see the white figures, but don’t miss the red above them – they’re the oldest.


Looking at Wall C


Wall C


Wall C


Standing by Wall C


Wall D – across the street from C


left side of Wall D


right side of Wall D


Wall E


left side of Wall E


Right side of Wall E


CQ dancing along the road, past a beautiful view


beautiful spring desert flowers

After the excitement of the ancient art, we got home in time for showers, clean up, and bed!

(Laundry count of the day – two loads.)



This is part of a week-long series.  You can view the other days here:

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2 thoughts on “A Week On the Road – Tuesday

  1. Jenny, I am LOVING the play-by-play posts; I am so excited to get and read the next one!
    Such a wonderful experience and life for your family!


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