Zion’s Hidden Canyon

by Character Queen

Zion National Park is an amazing place. When we got there, there was a long line to get on the bus.


When we got to our destination we ate lunch, then went through a beach river area, and we went across the river.

The hike was awesome! The first part was uphill sometimes with a steep drop-off sometimes.

Mr. Bang and Mom got tired and went back about halfway up, so Dad and I continued up by ourselves.

The view was amazing! The trail was very hard. There was a part were we had to hold a chain to stay on the trail.



people holding the chain

When we got to the hidden canyon that was a real adventure. We had to climb over a lot of logs and boulders. It was very skinny and long and not very crowded. It was my favorite spot.

When we were done in the canyon I needed to go to the bathroom so I went down ahead of Dad.  Then I went to join Mr. Bang and Mom.  They were playing at the creek.  Overall it was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Zion’s Hidden Canyon

  1. It looks like an amazing place! The rock formations are very interesting. The section with the rock chain to hold onto would have been scary for me, but I used to do some mountain climbing when I was in college and worked in North Carolina in the summers. I remember doing some scary things then that I probably would not do now!
    Good descriptions!


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