Zion National Park

by Mr. Bang

Zion National Park is a national park that’s really fun to hike in, even though when I went, I couldn’t make it to the end of the trail because I was tired.

When I arrived, there was a shuttle that had a very (to the 58th power) long line.  [Editor’s Note: As Mr. Bang’s typist, I’m making the choice to not type out the word “very” 58 times as he said it!]  Although it was only like 15 minutes and we made it through the very (to the 58th power) long line.  We got on and some people had to stand.  We luckily got to sit.  We got off at Stop 7, Weeping Rock.


We ate a picnic lunch and went to the bathroom.  There’s only two stalls and a very long line.


We went on the Hidden Canyon Trail.  My dad, Character Queen, and I went across the stream and went up the other bank.  It is pretty easy to climb.  Not everyone has to cross the stream; there’s also a bridge that you can go across.  The bridge is nice; it has an overlook over both sides of the stream.  It is really pretty, and if you look forward, you’ll see the mountain, as you see here.  Isn’t it beautiful?


The hike at first seems like it will be easy all the way up, just a slight slant.  Then you get into a high slant.  It’s hard and fun.  I found a stick that served for a walking stick.  It’s really nice.  It’s straight, has a point like a bayonet, and is really strong.  My mom likes it better than official walking sticks.  The trail has switch-backs.  It is very hard.  If you get off the trail, you’ll fall off a cliff.  It has a lot of rocks.  It has been paved, but it’s still a very (to the 88th power) rough surface.


The view is so (to the 115th power) beautiful!  The view was rocks.  Their form was beautiful.  It’s like the Grand Canyon, although not the Grand Canyon.  There were a lot of flowers along the trail.


Mom and I turned back because we were tired.  We couldn’t make it all of the way.  So we went back down.  It’s easier going down than up.  You go up first, that’s why it’s easier going down.


When we got to the bottom, we went over the bridge and went down the stream.  Mom sat on a rock and I played in the water.  After about an hour, we went down to the other side of the stream and we spent another hour on that side.  I was playing in the sand on that side.


While we were on the shuttle, we got to see rock climbers.  It looks terrifying.  I do not ever want to do it, although Character Queen wanted to do it.


We had to look really closely to find the mountain climbers on this cliff.


I cropped this one so you can see them. You still have to look pretty closely, though.

I loved Zion National Park!  I want to go back to it!



This is the restaurant where we ate dinner.


4 thoughts on “Zion National Park

  1. What an awesome place! The rocks are amazing to look at and look scary to climb. I love the pictures of the flowers. Papa and I saw mountain rock climbers at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I couldn’t even imagine climbing straight up like that!!! I’m glad you got to watch them.


    • Wow. Thanks. The rocks do look very hard to climb. -MB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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