Review of St. George KOA

by Character Queen                                                                                                                  

St. George KOA, in Hurricane, Utah is a very kid friendly park.  It has a awesome play set, that has a jungle gym, swings, a slide, monkey bars and a swing kind of thing.  My friends and I like to play Star Wars while hanging upside-down on the jungle gym and swinging on the swings.                  





jungle gym








There is also a pool; it does not go to 5 ft deep, but it is still fun.  The spaces are pretty tight, but the view is amazing!   They have a mini golf course, but we haven’t gone to it yet because it is under construction.


people climb the hill behind us


the view


mini golf




There are places to hike extremely near, so there is a lot to do.  I think people of all ages will enjoy it.   


2 thoughts on “Review of St. George KOA

  1. The views are beautiful. Even if the pool is not very deep, it looks like it’s a good size. Will the mini golf course be finished before you leave there? Another thing I noticed in the pictures – your hair is getting really long!
    Papa and I have never been to Utah, but we’re planning to go this summer as part of the bike trip we do every summer. If you have time, tell us more things about Utah, so that we know more about it before we go.


    • I agree – the views are pretty. The pool is a good size and very fun. I do not think the mini golf course will be finished before we leave. My hair IS getting really long. That’s really cool that you’re going to Utah as part of the bike trip. I’ll make more posts about Utah. -KM


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