RV Friends

by Character Queen

When we move around we tend to make friends.  We have met a lot over the course of 9 months.  


This is a group of my friends.


fashion show




waffle breakfast

Desert Museum

desert museum


Grand Canyon

With Seth, one of our newest friends, we played Star Wars.  I was Luke, and Seth and Mr. Bang were Sith Lords who were chasing me and the Falcon.  

Sydney, another friend,  taught me how to finger knit and finger crochet. I am starting a shop (maybe)  for selling the things I make.   Sydney is crazy, which makes her really fun to play with.

 There are also Tonia and Deja, we play Littlest Pet Shop together.


Liberty is so much fun!  we like to do make-up together.    


There is a mix of friends that we’ve run across in different parks and friends that I only see in one park.  It depends on whether my mom knows their parents or not.  If my mom makes friends with their parents, then we’re likely to get together, but if she doesn’t, we’re probably not going to see each other again.  When we meet up with friends, sometimes it’s coincidental, and sometimes the parents planned it that way.

This week, I have made about nine friends.  Most of them are vacationing because it’s spring break in Utah.  At least my friend Willow is a full-time roadschooler.  Willow and I like to sit on the igloo-shaped jungle gym at the playset and talk.  Two of my other friends like to play Star Wars with me.  The two boys I made friends with, we like to run up the slide together.  The rest of my friends like to talk.  We all like to swing on the swings, and most of us like to hang upside down.  Yesterday, I swam in the pool with my friend Chloe and we played Star Wars and had a water war, squirting her brother with water.  


Over all, RV friendships are cool!

4 thoughts on “RV Friends

  1. You have a LOT of new friends!!! I loved the fashion show.
    Did you walk the Bright Angel Trail? Papa and I walked part of that one, and we hiked further down the Kaibab Trail. What did you think of the Grand Canyon?


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