The Exploration at Granite Dells

by Mr. Bang

I love Granite Dells!  It is in Arizona.  It’s close to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where my dad went to college.  He used to hike at Granite Dells a lot.  I hiked on one tiny little section.  It was going up to an area where you repel down the mountain.  We saw some people going up the mountain with a dog and a repelling harness and they were going to take him repelling.  He will either be their best friend or not trust them for the rest of his life.  


Climbing up Granite Dells is really hard.  We started by going up eight stairs, then we came to boulders, which were pretty hard to climb.  We kept going farther.  There was loose dirt and lots of rocks, and it was pretty steep.  We saw where someone had apparently fallen and died.  There was a marker showing us that a person had; there wasn’t really a body there.  We did slip sometimes in the gravel and loose dirt.  There was a clearing that was solid granite.  It was easy to climb up there.  There were two or three steps as you see here.  And then it was flat again.  You went through a lot of flat area, then you either went down into a ditch and on to another rock, or then you went another way on a rock then on to another.  We went both ways – I went one way and the rest of the family went the other.  


There was a rock that we sat on and was our turn-around point.  We didn’t make it to the top.  We didn’t go the same path down as we came up.  We went down a path that is pretty hard to climb down.  If you go along not going the easy way down, it looks like the easy way.  It’s actually harder, although if you edge along the rock as I was doing here, it’s easier.  In that area we had to go one-by-one and Dad helped us.  When we got to the bottom, we were on a highway instead of in a parking lot, which is where we had come up from.  We had to watch for cars along the highway.  There was a skeleton at the corner, with fur, as you see here. 

I really liked the hike.  At the end it was a little scary, though.  I think anyone who really likes a hard hike would like it.



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