Waco Mammoth National Momument

by Character Queen

Recently, we went to Waco Mammoth National Monument.  It was amazing!  We learned about a different kind of Mammoth, the Columbian Mammoth, which was 14 ft tall and 10 tons, way bigger than the Wooly Mammoth, which was 10 ft tall and 6 tons.

Even though they both lived in the ice age, not all of the earth was covered in ice; in fact, the southern United States were mainly prairie. The Colombian Mammoth used its tusks to push down trees.  

The people at the park found 24 Mammoth skeletons but only have 6 skeletons on site.  The skeletons are very cracked.  I couldn’t stop looking at the skeletons; they are awesome!  Over all it was amazing!

8 thoughts on “Waco Mammoth National Momument

  1. I didn’t know there was a mammoth larger than the wooly mammoth! It looks like a very impressive place. I have been to Waco a number of times – Uncle Milburn (my brother) got his master’s degree at Baylor University in Waco – but I have never heard of this National Monument before. Cool! Thanks for your description.


    • Thank you! It was impressive. It’s really cool that your brother went there. I think you should go sometime, to the park, I mean. It’s only been a national park since 2015. 😉 🙂 :-p !!!!! KM


  2. Wow! Those mammoths were, well, mammoth! 😉 The detail about using their tusks to push down trees is very interesting. Did they say why they did so? Was that what they ate?


  3. That is so interesting! That femur is huge! I love how God is so creative and yet still repeats some of his designs. I’m so glad you guys are learning so much in all of your travels. I pray that you cherish this time with your family!


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