Children’s Museum of Houston, Part II

by Mr. Bang

I’m writing about a three-story playset at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  It was really neat. I went on little circles as you see here.


I climbed over some and went under some. Some of them are tight spaces and some of them aren’t.   Some were curved, some were straight.  Some had holes in them.  It all had netting over the edges.  It’s like a maze.  You’re going up to the top and then when you get to the top, it’s hard to find your way back down to the bottom.


Just Character Queen and I were in it when we were there.  I was trying to lose her and she was sometimes trying to find me.  She found me once, and I lost her again.

I wish I could go to it again.  I recommend it for ages four (because parents can’t go up – it’s too tight of a space) to age ten.

There was also a catapult where you build your own structure and catapult a ball at it.  I  hit it on the first shot and it fell down completely.  The set up looks like this.


That was my day at the museum.  I would think it would be for ages two (because they have a toddler area) to twelve.  I really loved it!  It’s my favorite children’s museum yet!


This robot is made out of old phones.


6 thoughts on “Children’s Museum of Houston, Part II

    • Thank you! There’s also one in Boston, although it’s only two stories. And one like it that’s only one story in a science museum I’ve gone to, although that was neurons in your brain. That one was in Philadelphia. 😉 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 -MB


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