The Eventful Day at the Johnson Space Center

by Character Queen

A few days ago we went to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX .  It is all about space. There is an Angry Birds in Space area, where you get to do some spacey stuff, and yes that involves Angry Birds.


 The most eventful time was when my hat blew away!  I was devastated!  We had just finished touring the top of a space shuttle, and were headed to the stairs outside, when a gust of air blew my hat away.  It landed on one of the wings of the  plane!  It was hard to think what to do because I was crying. We were taken to the desk in front of the space shuttle and they promised we would get it back in a little while if they can get it down.  They couldn’t get it down right then, but they would get a big machine to get it after closing.


inside shuttle soon before my hat blew away


inside shuttle soon before my hat blew away


right before my hat blew away


a picture of my hat on the plane wing


another hat picture

There was also a moon rocks area where we got to touch a moon rock.  It was smooth, and an awesome experience.  We also got to see moon rocks.  They had to be inside a glass case in nitrogen, because they would rust if they touched oxygen. Moon dust is made up of different minerals.


the entrance to the moon rocks area


moon rocks


samples of the minerals round in moon dirt


showing what the moon is made of


the moon rock we got to touch


someone sifting through some moon dust

We took a tram to the astronaut training place – it is gi-normous! There are full-scale models of modern and future space ships, for astronauts to train on and scientists to learn from.



spidernaut and another robot


a future space craft



Over all I think the trip was amazing!




us in a replica ISS (International Space Station)


on the walkway astronauts use to enter the space shuttle, right after the hat incident



a Saturn 5


6 thoughts on “The Eventful Day at the Johnson Space Center

  1. Did you get your hat back? It must have been a favorite hat!

    I loved your use of “devastated”–such a strong, descriptive, author-y word! 🙂


  2. Your hat got to “ride” on a plane at the Space Center – what a cool thing! That could be a good story with your hat describing its adventure.

    The space center was amazing. Good descriptions! I have been to Kennedy Space Center in Florida and to the Space Center and Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, but I have never been to the one in Houston. Your description makes me want to go to that one, also.


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