The Children’s Museum of Houston

by Mr. Bang

I  went to the Children’s Museum of Houston.  It was awesome!  I got to be an adult!  I have own debit card now and my ATM account – my bank account!  Mom got allowance!  I’m talking about Kidtropolis!  Kidtropolis is where kids get to be adults and adults are kids!


 You earn money on a debit card!  There was a vet office, a police, ambulance, and fire station, a grocery store, a restaurant, a UPS store, and a bank. There was also a stock market.  You could buy stocks and you could earn money or you could lose all of your money.   You could buy stuff at the grocery store and restaurant.  How you earned money was you went to work at a job.  When you were done working, you got your paycheck.  You could get a job at any of those places.  You just went in and decided to pretend to work there.  For the restaurant, you served your parents.  You prepared food and checked them out.  For the store, you were at the checkout.  For the UPS store, you just stacked boxes.  For the bank, you played a video game.  In the vet office, you could help an animal get better or adopt an animal.  At the police, fire, and ambulance station, you could pretend to make a call and you got to be a detective.  You get to do CPR in the ambulance. img_20170112_131452635img_20170112_131441626img_20170112_135413763img_20170112_135650097img_20170112_135749072img_20170112_140604474img_20170112_141241851img_20170112_141346784img_20170112_143413829

After you do your work, you go to a little black box and pull out a card and you put it in an ATM.  The card is your paycheck.  You can put it in Save or Spend, and you can either get money out or put money in.  When you wanted to go to the restaurant or grocery store, you could get some money out of your ATM and get little cards of money, which you could then take to the store and buy what you wanted and you wouldn’t get the money  back.


The video game at the bank was awesome!  It was a thing where you had zero dollars to start with and you had expenses to pay off – $40 at first, then it moved up to $50.  You got a job at a cafe at first.  You earned $3 at first, then got a promotion.  Then you should go home and pay your expenses because after all, you only had 30 days.  Once you paid your expenses, you got to level two.  Two more jobs popped up and you had $50 of expenses.  You could choose which job you got to work at.  Then it allowed you to go to school.  You got a loan.  Then you got a higher income, but you had to pay part of the loan every month.  When you finish level three, it will say, “Level 4 Coming Soon”.


I would give Kidtropolis five stars!  We spent almost all of the time that we were going to have at the museum in Kidtropolis.


8 thoughts on “The Children’s Museum of Houston

  1. What did it feel like to be able to be an adult? I think I would like the part that it’s temporary, and get to go back to being a kid again!
    You did a thorough job of describing everything.


    • Thank you, Belle! I really liked being an adult because I got to get over a hundred dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -MB


    • No, I will not, Bradie! Good try! I only have over a hundred dollars, not a thousand. Plus you would have to go back in time in our RV – we went to a campsite in DisneyWorld. 😛 😛 😛 😛 -MB


  2. I enjoyed seeing the Spanish words everywhere in the photos! Were your parents good customers at the restaurant? The game at the bank sounds like a lot of fun, and a neat way to learn about how earning money and paying expenses works!


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