The Search For a RV

by Character Queen

Yesterday we went to look at getting a new RV. We were looking at RVs that are bigger than our RV. I was looking for a RV with a bigger bunk room, a bigger master bedroom, and two bathrooms. 

We went to two RV places. The first was big and fancy. I liked to look at the RVs inside the building. There were 6 to 9 RVs in it, which we got to go in. When we looked for RVs outside we rode in a golf cart.  I liked the RVs and was sad when we left, because I liked looking at them.  Mom and Dad surprised us by taking us to another RV store.

In the second RV store we went to, one of the workers showed us two RVs. They had all the things I wanted them to have! Then we got locked in the parking lot because it was past closing time.  The gate was broken and they had put a truck in front of it so they could block people from getting in.  It took awhile for someone to arrive so that they could move the truck.  

I liked the last RV we looked at best; it had a bigger bunk room, master bed, and two full-size baths.

 Over all the search was awesome!!      

2 thoughts on “The Search For a RV

  1. I was so happy to see a blog post from you, CQ! We don’t get to see many from you!

    You got locked in the RV place? Wow! That might be a fun way to get to try one out! 😉


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