The USS Texas

by Mr. Bang

I’m writing about the USS Texas. It’s a battleship that was in both World Wars. When it started on the seas, it was the most powerful weapon in the world. It was the first that had anti-aircraft guns. It was the first to launch an aircraft. It is one of the only ships still in existence that fought in both wars.



We’re holding Flat Tucker and Flat Mason.


I got to play around with some aircraft guns! I steered it around and the guns moved up, down, and side-to-side. It was so awesome!!! I got to operate two. One shot four shells and one shot two shells.

We went in the bathroom and saw the toilets. Well, they weren’t really toilets. They were two slabs of wood that you sat on and went to the bathroom on. There was a trickle of salt water that passed under you while you went to the bathroom that carried your urine and stool away. There weren’t any stall doors. The showers were completely open – it was just a little area that you could step in and turn on the water. I think they had to use cold water because there was only a limited supply. I doubt they had heaters. Their urinals were just a long trough with a drain, made for many people.


They slept in bunk beds and that was their own space. Something really interesting was how they press their clothes – they put them between the mattress and the metal bed frame. They each had a locker where they could keep some stuff, although it had to be some certain stuff – their uniform, some shirts, some pants, they could have a Bible. There were inspections of the lockers.

The isolation ward is a space where people with contagious sicknesses stay, and it’s shut-off from the rest of the rooms.  It’s so that other people don’t get sick.The hospital is the only place on the ship that had music while we were visiting.

The dentist was pretty neat.  There was a chair with a mouthpiece on it, and I guess the person sat in it while the dentist was working on his teeth.


The barber cut people’s hair to one-inch long.

The soda fountain was an area where they got their cold drinks and ice cream.  That was pretty neat.


The canteen was basically a little store inside of the ship.  They could buy bubblegum, pipes, snacks, magazines, and beans.  If they lost anything that they had to have by the military rules, then they had to buy another.  The canteen sold games, matches, dog tags, combs, gloves, kleenex, lighters, hunting knives, etc.


Life on the ship might have been noisy.  I bet it smelled bad to live there.  I’m glad that I had the experience of touring it.  I wouldn’t have liked to have been one of the men on board.


That’s the laundry room.


That’s my souvenir!


8 thoughts on “The USS Texas

  1. WOW! That ship is HUGE! I didn’t realize that they could buy stuff on the ship. Good description of the living quarters and medical areas!


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