The Week at Our Friends’ House

by Character Queen

We are spending this week with our friends!  We are having so much fun!  


Each night we play Star Wars; I am Leia, Ms. Sophisticated is Luke, Mr. Bang is whoever, and Mr. Sports is usually a bad guy.  Yesterday I got sick so I could not play.  When I went to bed, Ms. Sophisticated went around and got cards from all my favorite characters around the universe: one from Yoda, two from Luke, and one from JoJo and the Cat from Seussical Jr.  Luke let me borrow the cardboard box we call the X Wing.  

The other night we made a petition for dessert.  The boys held up signs and said, “Eat dessert,”  while we girls read the best and funniest petition ever!  And we got to eat Oreos!


Ms. Sophisticated made up the funniest song and dance ever!  It is the spicy pie dance.   You twirl around while singing, “Spicy pie.” 

4 thoughts on “The Week at Our Friends’ House

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you were sick. 😦 I love the story of the cards to help you feel better, though!

    I would love to read your petition about dessert. Maybe I can present it to get to eat dessert here also! 🙂


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