Night at the Cave

by Character Queen

Last night there was a tornado warning, so we went and spent two hours in Raccoon Caverns that is at our camp site.  



We spent most of our time in the Crystal Palace room (it looked like the planet of Hoth from Star Wars).  There was a giant rock that had fallen from the ceiling that looked like the Millennium Falcon, which we got to climb on!

We saw a lot of salamanders, and a cave cricket. We also saw helictites, spiderweb-like things that are like stalactites – they grow in the same place, but they grow sideways.


Mr. Bang and I attempted to sleep and tried a few places, but it was very rough and hard to sleep.

img_20161130_010433996 img_20161130_010713429

 It was awesome!  I loved it! 


10 thoughts on “Night at the Cave

  1. What a cool way to spend a tornado warning! I’ve never gotten to have an adventure like that during tornado time–and you got to go in your jammies too! 🙂


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