Berkeley Plantation Discovery

by Mr. Bang

I went to a place called Berkeley Plantation, and I found artifacts and I got to keep them!

One of the Declaration of Independence signers, Benjamin Harrison V, lived in it.  Two Presidents are in the same family.  They lived in the house.  The ninth President, William Henry Harrison was born there, and Benjamin Harrison was his grandson and the 23rd President.

During the Civil War, the Union army stayed there.  There was a whole army.  There were tents set up on their property.  They took apart almost all the buildings to use it for firewood.

They haven’t done any archaeological digs because it’s privately owned and the owner doesn’t want there to be any archaeological digs.  I found the artifacts by looking around on the ground.  It was mainly in a field.  A guy in costume gave a bullet to us.  I found china, glass and pottery.  I got to keep it!




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