Artifacts from Revolution to Civil War

by Character Queen

The other day we went to Berkeley Plantation!  It was a blast!  

We got to find artifacts.  They were in a field that had been plowed so the artifacts were on the top.  Archaeologists do not dig at the plantation, so we got to keep them.  I found pieces of china, glass, and some other stuff!  

There are three houses total; the big house is in the middle.  One of their roofs had a cannonball in it.  It was so cool!  


Through one of the windows in the big house, Benjamin Harrison IV and two of his daughters were struck by lightning and they died.  


It happened in the window above the circle.

There is a tunnel as well, going from the big house to the other houses.  They just found it not long ago!

I so recommend this one, it is so cool!

6 thoughts on “Artifacts from Revolution to Civil War

  1. Wow! Could you see the cannonball in the roof, or did they just tell you about it? Was it there because it was a decoration, or because someone shot it up there? (A couple of the pictures won’t load for me, so maybe the picture would tell me more.) That would be kind of scary to have a big cannonball on the roof over your head all the time!


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