The National Parks’ 100th Birthday

by Character Queen

We went to the celebration of the 100th birthday of the National Parks in DC!  It was so fun!  We all held colored umbrellas and made a living emblem. The colors were green, brown, tan, and white.   We were brown. (We got to keep the umbrellas.) 


People holding umbrellas. 

The Mom forgot her phone so these pictures are from the NPS facebook page.


Our emblem

We were by the tree on the mountain.


It again.

 I got interviewed and on TV!  (You can click on those words and be linked to the video of the interview.)  It was so awesome!  There were people in costume of George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.  


This is Teddy posing with the arrowhead!




7 thoughts on “The National Parks’ 100th Birthday

  1. What a fun time to be on the Mall! Papa and I LOVE the national parks. I had seen news coverage that the 100th anniversary was coming up. That’s great that you guys got to be part of the official celebration.


  2. Nice,kaitlyn! i watched the interview ,awesome!!! got your post card i want to live there to! i miss you to … we all do! you to, Mr. BANG! send me a post card! William


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