The British in Boston

by Character Queen


I, Lafayette, recently came over the ocean from France.  I like it here.  It has been a month since I came over.  . . . What was that!  Oooh nooo, it is the British!  I wonder what they are doing here?  “Lafayette!”  “What.”  “Are you going to jump on them like you did last time?” asked Washington.  “Au contraire!” I reply.  (That means on the contrary.)  I feel his hand on my shoulder.  “Where are the men?”  I ask.  “They took their places ahead of time,” he tells me.  “Operation Anti-British has begun,” I say.  “They are marching in just as we predicted, playing their fifes and trumpets.”  “I hope we beat them,” he says. “We will,” I assure him.            


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