Review of Raccoon Mountain Campsite

I’m going to write a review of Raccoon Mountain Campsite.  It’s great!  There is a swimming pool and a playset right next to it.  You can either go in a RV or a tent or have a cabin.



If you’re looking to go to Raccoon Mountain  Caverns, it is right up the hill. It’s a really cool cave.  You actually get to see some cave crickets and underground water and some salamanders.  And there’s several different tours.  We went on one, and some of the others go and you crawl on your knees and hands in some parts of one of the adventure tours.  But we didn’t go on it.  



The golf course has closed, and the bumper cars right next to it.  

I think that everyone would like it. 


by Mr. Bang

4 thoughts on “Review of Raccoon Mountain Campsite

  1. I remember playing on those igloo climbing things when I was a kid. We would pretend all sorts of adventures while climbing on and around and through them!

    What a neat cave tour! It looks like you saw a lot of stalactites and stalagmites–some tiny and some great big!


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