We’re Home!

We’ve been back in our home-base town for a week now…and in our RV for two nights.  A friend offered for us to stay with them while we were in town, and then we had some complications with acquiring the RV and getting our orientation on how to use it, so we basically spent a week living with our friends.  I think it’s safe to say that my kids would consider it one of the best weeks of their lives!  It was great getting to just be with our good friends for a whole week!  It also worked out really well babysitting-wise – several times during the week, one of us moms would take care of all the kids while the other was out running errands or whatever.  The Brain and I even got a bonus date-night out of the deal!  We were incredibly thankful for our friends’ generosity in sharing their home!


bedtime story


McAlister’s Deli has free kids’ meals on Thursdays, so we took advantage of that as we frequently do during the school year.


We had to fit in some schoolwork as well!

On Monday, we teamed up with some other friends and went to Lake Winnie, a local amusement park that we had never yet experienced!  The kids had a blast!!



Nothing could beat Wednesday, though.  We were super excited to be in town for a friend’s LONG-awaited adoption!  This was another first for Character Queen and Mr. Bang – being in a courtroom with a judge!  It was such a joyous experience, and we partied in celebration for hours afterward at our church!


We did also share a little of the fun of American geography and history with our friends.  We played several rounds of Ticket To Ride and also introduced them to Liberty’s Kids, a cartoon series that teaches early American history.


This was the game where the two moms played one part – one of us always needed to go give a bath, or deal with laundry or something, so we just alternated. How many moms does it take to play one role in a board game? Two, apparently!



Can you see CQ’s giddy grin in this one? That would be because they’re watching the episode of Liberty’s Kids that introduces Lafayette!  That’s him on the screen.  He even says his entire name, which CQ loves to recite: Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.

Then, finally, we moved into the RV.  You know that chaos when you first move into a house?  This is what it looks like RV-style:


And if you ever wondered what the inside of an RV looks like without the slides out, here you go…


Pretty much no floorspace whatsoever!

Besides the mess, we’re settling in nicely into our new home.  The kids are loving having easy access to a pool, and having a playground that they can walk back and forth to on their own!


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