The Process of Turning Wool into String

We went to Old Sturbridge Village this week, and for the first time I understood the process of turning wool into string.  First is sheering.  Sheering is basically giving a sheep a haircut.  


A dad sheep and baby



Then we have pulling.  That is simply pulling the wool so the dirt falls out. (Whoever heard of a sheep who took a bath!)  


Then we have washing.  Just wash it.  Then is carding.  This is using two big comb-like things which you rub together.  It ends up so soft.  


Me and Mr. Bang carding wool.

Then you spin it.  Spinning is spinning it on a spinning wheel.  


Someone spinning.

Then you dye it.  That is where you put it in a pot with herbs or something else.  And you’re done.   `    


by Character Queen

6 thoughts on “The Process of Turning Wool into String

  1. I have been to Old Sturbridge Village! On the summer bike trips when Papa and his friends are riding their bikes all day, I go on my own to places that look interesting. On our 2011 trip, I made a stop at Old Sturbridge Village. I’m so glad you got to experience it!


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