Adventures of Flats

Flat Tucker and Flat Mason and I wish to go on adventures together.

This is Paul Revere on horseback.  That is Old North Church.  It is the very church where Paul Revere asked those very people to hang the lanterns!img_20160716_121233663_hdr



I’m on the USS Constitution.  It is a ship, a very old war ship.  Her nickname is “Old Ironsides.”


This is one of the lanterns that Paul Revere really saw.  “One if by land, two if by sea.”



We’re at Lexington.  The “shot heard ’round the world” was fired there.



I’m in front of a church in Old Sturbridge Village.



by Mr. Bang

4 thoughts on “Adventures of Flats

  1. Hello, Mr. Bang and Character Queen, Thanks for taking Flat Tucker and Flat Mason with you while you were learning all about Paul Revere and the American Revolution. We could tell you were really having fun! Good luck on the rest of your adventure. We will keep watching your posts to see what
    Exciting things you are getting to see! From your friends, Tucker and Mason


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