Friends Are Friends Forever

Ooh, sorry for that earworm!  It’s just what flowed from my brain to my fingers!

One of the best parts of traveling around is getting to see friends and family that we don’t normally get to see.  It has now been over two months since we left home, but I haven’t posted recently since we’ve “just” been visiting people, not seeking out cool sites.  So I thought I’d use this post to share some of our friendly visits!


In Columbus, we were able to spend a little time with my college friend Sarah and her family.  Her two older kids are the same age and gender as my kids, and they get along so well together!  We went to church with them and out to brunch afterward.  We had planned to go to the Columbus Zoo with them later in the week but that unfortunately fell through.

New Jersey

While we were staying in the Philadelphia area, we made a day trip to visit my college friend Ivy and her family.  They actually were just visiting family in the area as well, so our mutual visits worked out perfectly!  We visited a super cute little shopping area called Historic Smithville.  It turned out to not be the greatest place for entertaining a bunch of kids, but it would be a fun place to just roam around and shop.

Northern Virginia

On our way home from PA, we had the fabulous opportunity to visit our former church and spend time with some friends from that stage in our lives.  My friend Trisha was the first person who really influenced me to change my anti-homeschool position!  One of her older girls was one of our favorite babysitters, and we went through pregnancy, newborn, and toddler stages together with these two!



We spent three weeks back home in Tennessee, closing on our house and then staying with friends.  We crammed in as much time with friends as we could!


I actually had a full week of plans when visiting grandparents in Georgia, but when it came down to it, I decided to use that week to just relax!  We spent time with family and reconnected with old friends from when we used to live there.  That was pre-kids, but fortunately, our kids totally hit it off!


Again, we had a great mix of spending time with family and seeing old friends from my teenage years!

North Carolina

North Carolina was all about family and playing in the lake!  We mainly spent our time with my hub’s family, but managed a little time with my cousin and her family, including my aunt, as well!

Rhode Island/Massachussettes

We’ve now arrived in the Boston area, where a couple more of my old college friends live.  Hopefully I’ll be seeing them soon!


2 thoughts on “Friends Are Friends Forever

  1. I’m worried about your Tennessee friends with the big pool, and how they’re going to cope while you’re away for a whole year. I think I may need to step in as proxy-friend while you’re away, just to make sure they don’t waste away in your absence or anything. And if I happen to spend all of that proxy-friend time in their pool, I’m sure they’ll understand….


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