Winter at Valley Forge

We went to Valley Forge.  It was so much fun!  We saw real artifacts, even a letter from the Marquis de Lafayette.  


We also walked through cabins of what it would have been like in their time period at Valley Forge.  

We got to climb on cannons and play on them.  I have a tactic of getting off.  


We went to George Washington’s headquarters where he slept upstairs.  In a different room, two men slept, and in one other room, two men slept.  We went up in the attic and saw just one pallet on the floor and one bed.   


We are babysitting a dog named Tammie.  She’s just so cute!


by Mr. Bang

2 thoughts on “Winter at Valley Forge

  1. You saw a lot of neat things! Could you read any of the letter from LaFayette? I always have trouble reading the super-curly cursive writing they used in the 1700s!

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